Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Treatments from Nature

Why Herbs?

Using plants to treat illness is a tradition that is hundreds of years old. Many herbal blends have been developed over centuries with safety and elegance of effect superbly perfected. The patient also benefits from nutrients found in the plants.

What is herbal medicine like?

Herbal medicine comes in pills, capsules, liquid or powder. Some taste pleasant, others have to be hidden in a food treat just like drugs. Dogs typically take their herbs twice daily; cats once daily.

What about safety?

Dr. Radford has used some of the same herbal companies for years; companies that have an outstanding reputation and high safety standards. Many herbs have undergone extensive research and safety studies in modern laboratories, including possible drug interactions. Follow up appointments are important as well.

What can be treated?

Herbs can be used to treat almost all common ailments. Herbal medicines can treat deficiencies or imbalances that develop with aging or stress.

What would be a typical course of treatment?

A typical course of herbal treatment takes 2-4 months. Dr. Radford likes to reassess the patient at least every 4 months to see if the herbs need to be continued or changed.

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