Energetically Potent Healing Triggers

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of medical treatment developed by doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann during the 1700s in Europe. A dilute but energetically potent substance made in a homeopathic pharmacy from a plant, mineral or other substance is given to the patient to trigger a healing response.

What diseases can be treated with homeopathy?

Almost every sick patient can benefit from homeopathy! The remedies are excellent for first aid, symptoms of chronic illness such as anorexia in cats with kidney failure, curing chronic infections, behavior problems, and sometimes curing patients of chronic problems such as asthma.

Interesting Fact:

There is a large monument in downtown Washington, D.C. dedicated to Samuel Hahnemann because his method of treatment was so revolutionary!

How will my pet take his medicine?

The medicines come in small sweet tasting granules that can be sprinkled onto the pet’s tongue. They can also be diluted in water and given with a medicine dropper. In some instances, we put them in the drinking water but not in food.

How long will my pet take the medicine?

He will receive prescriptions until he is cured or if a non-curable problem, for the rest of his/her life. Which remedy and which potency of the remedy needs to be assessed by the doctor on a regular basis, typically every 2-3 months or more frequently for intense illness. Selection of the remedy is very individualized.

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